Trust Administration

TFB's Wealth Management team maintains a commitment to the highest fiduciary standards to ensure our client’s best interests comes first. 

Whether you’re looking for complex estate tax planning vehicles or simply a way to ensure your family will be financially sound after you’re gone, we can provide trust services to meet your needs.  We handle various types of trusts including grantor, testamentary, charitable, special needs, and life insurance trusts.  We will work with your CPA and attorney to ensure you get the right guidance to satisfy current and future needs.

As Trustee, we have the fiduciary duty of loyalty, meaning we must administer each trust solely in the best interests of the beneficiaries.  We have the duty to protect and preserve trust property, to deal impartially with all beneficiaries, and to exercise reasonable care, skill and prudence as though we are dealing with our own personal property.

Our Wealth Management main office is located in Warrenton, but our Trust Administration Associates are available to serve you at any of our Fauquier and Prince William County TFB Branches.

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