SMS Text- Mobile Banking

Get your banking done using simple text commands.  To use the SMS text messaging service, the mobile device must be able to send and receive text messages using a short code. Most mobile devices are capable of sending and receiving text messages, so most phones are likely compatible with this service. 

Login and Activate
Using your computer, login to your Personal Online Banking account.  Then, click the Options button and scroll down to your Mobile Banking Profile to enroll.  Choose the accounts you want to view and nickname them as directed.

Verify Your Phone
A text message with an activation code is sent to the mobile phone number entered.  

Start SMS Text Mobile Banking
Now with your phone set up, a text message with a short code is sent to the newly activated mobile device. Note this short code for future use to access TFB’s text messaging service. Just send a text message to the short code whenever you want, and we'll send the response right back to your phone.

Here's a quick list of some of the common requests you can text:

BAL — Current and available balances for all TFB accounts set up for online access.
HIST — View the last five transactions in your primary account.
BRANCH — All TFB branches have ATM’s on site.  Text BRANCH, plus the area zip code, city or city and state to find one nearest you. 



TFB does not charge fees to download or use TFB Mobile Banking.  Mobile carrier charges for text messaging and web access services may apply. Check with your carrier for information. 

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