Financial Software

TFB customers can enjoy the convenience of choice with a wide variety of Intuit® Quicken / QuickBooks financial management tools.  TFB Personal and Business Online Banking users can easily download TFB financial transactions directly into Quicken and QuickBooks.  Learn more about QuickBooks and Quicken, compare software packages and decide which one meets your financial needs - then make your purchase at a discount! 


Manage your business better with QuickBooks – the #1 Small Business Financial Software

Organize your business finances quickly and easily.  QuickBooks provides ready access to everyday tasks like invoicing, bill tracking, check-writing and payroll.

  • Track sales and expenses
  • Share your data with Microsoft®  Excel and your accountant
  • Save time completing routine tasks and paperwork and spend more time on your business 

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Quicken makes it easy to know where your money is going.

Quicken desktop products, like Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier, have capabilities such as investment research, portfolio management, tax information, net worth tracking, etc.  You could spend hours with these desktop tools doing financial analysis and planning.

  • Instantly update spending and banking transactions so you can see your accounts in one place
  • All-in-one bill management brings peace of mind that you are always on top of your bills
  • Save time - see everything in one place using a single password

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