Estate Settlement

There is more to getting your estate in order than just writing a will.  There are various ways to protect your assets and your beneficiaries from taxes, as well as providing for loved ones after you’re gone.  By working with you and your attorney, TFB Wealth Management can help you consider all the difficult issues and make the right decisions to be sure your wishes and desires are fulfilled.

When the time comes, our caring, experienced team is prepared to act as your executor, or assist your executor as agent, in settling your estate, while reducing the stress and anxiety, which often accompanies such a loss.  In our hands, your estate will be properly settled, and your family will be free of the burden, allowing them to focus on other matters.

Our Wealth Management main office is located in Warrenton, but our Estate Settlement Associates are available to serve you at any of our Fauquier and Prince William County TFB Branches.

Call on us for a caring, experienced team to manage your estate.

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