Business CheckPlus

For temporary cash-flow shortages, unexpected emergencies, protection from return check charges and overall convenience, we offer Business CheckPlus to qualified businesses. This line of credit, which is tied to your business checking account, automatically advances funds to your checking account in increments of $100 if your account becomes overdrawn.

Repayment of the Business CheckPlus is by automatic debit of the minimum payment from your business checking account. You may also prepay the account balance at any time. Your monthly business checking account statement will detail the advances and payments on your Business CheckPlus.

  • Available to Qualified Businesses
  • $75.00 Annual Fee
  • Automatic Advances
  • Automatic Payments

For more information on Business CheckPlus, please contact us.

Bank rules and regulations apply.  Not applicable to all account types.  Ask us for details.  See a Schedule of Fees for other charges that may apply.

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