Protect Your Business


  • Complete background checks on employees – particularly those that have access to financial information or authorization to complete bill pay and transfer transactions on behalf of the business.
  • Review your company's system reports so you always know who is doing what and whether tasks are unnecessary or unusual. If it happens, ask questions.
  • Ensure employees receive training and understand your policies and their responsibilities with regard to passwords and computer security.
  • Assign business debit and credit cards to individuals by having the business and employee name embossed on the card.
  • Notify your bank, contractors and vendors when an employee leaves your company for any reason.

Vendors and Contractors

  • Check records and references before entering into agreements with vendors and contractors
  • Monitor account activity often – every day if possible
  • Perform all financial transactions from a dedicated computer – use a separate computer for e-mail and social media.
  • Change passwords, pictures and security questions periodically
  • Use security tokens and other tools offered by your financial institution.
  • Notify your bank immediately if a contract with any vendor or contractor is terminated or expired.

Small Business Information Security:  The Fundamentals

Contact local authorities to report financial crime during non-business hours. The Fauquier Bank works with these offices to help you recover stolen funds and prosecute the offenders.
Fauquier Sheriff's Office and Surrounding Town Police Non-Emergency: (540) 347-3300

Prince William County Police Non-Emergency: (703) 792-6500

Prince William County Sheriff's Office Non-Emergency: (703) 792-6070

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Affairs Division: (202) 326-2222

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