Pre-Paid VISA® Cards

The Fauquier Bank Prepaid VISA® Cards are available to TFB accountholders as an innovative, efficient replacement for cash and checks. Funds are easy to access while safely stored in a card account. There's no risk of credit card debt because prepaid cardholders can only access the funds preloaded to the card.

TFB offers three types of pre-paid VISA® cards:

  • Gift
    Give the gift that can be spent anywhere.  Our gift cards can be used wherever Visa®  is accepted.
  • Reloadable
    Our reloadable cards can be used to receive direct deposit of payroll or fund business expenses.
  • Travel
    With worldwide acceptance and available companion cards, use our pre-paid Visa® travel cards in place of traveler's checks and credit cards. 

The Pre paid Debit card is a VISA® you load with your own money to make purchases everywhere VISA®  debit cards are accepted. It's safer than carrying cash and can help you manage your finances.

Financial Control

  • Spend only what you load on the card.
  • No overdraft fees or minimum balances
  • Re-loadable cards can be used for payroll with Direct Deposit


  • Make purchases everywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted in-store, online, or by phone.
  • Pay bills online, make travel reservations and buy gas at the pump.


  • Available at thousands of retail locations.
  • Get cash at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide.


  • No need to carry large amounts of cash.

For more information on TFB VISA® Prepaid Debit cards, please contact us.

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